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    • Are you a novice runner who has dreamed of running a race, but who finds running is uncomfortable?
    • Are you an experienced veteran looking to step up your training a notch and explode your potential?
    • Are you injured often, or putting in lots of miles but not getting any faster?
    • Are you interested in running an ultra but not sure where to begin?


  • Shoe selection,
  • structuring your 5 or 10K training,
  • fueling and pacing for a marathon or ultra-marathon,
  • overcoming plateaus,
  • training with heart rate,
  • or just trying to keep it fun…

That is a lot to think about for something as simple as running. And that’s before you add in the challenges associated with aches, pains, and injury!

As a member of the Pursuit Athletic Performance Run Team you will train with a community of runners--share inspiration, motivation, and above all practical, science-based information.

With a foundation in EFFECTIVE and QUALITY MOVEMENT you will:
TRAIN SMARTER - evolve from the higher mileage and harder effort mindset
GET STRONGER - become and stay functionally strong
RUN FASTER - improve race times and set new goals
FUEL BETTER - practice quality daily nutrition habits and learn race day fueling strategies
GAIN DURABILITY - create movement and training habits that will last a lifetime
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Join the Team$79.00/Month