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Training Plans
Individually Priced
  • Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Level Plans
  • Triathlon and Running Plans for All Distances
  • Includes Core Training and Flexibility
  • Injury Prevention Tips
  • Training & Race Day Nutrition Guidance
  • Complimentary eBook
  • More than just a training plan...
  • a complete training package!
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Monthly Membership
$79per month
  • Advanced Core Training Videos
  • Full Access to Swim Videos
  • Unlimited Triathlon and Running Training Plans
  • Full Forum Access
  • Training and Race Day Nutrition
  • Team discounts on Training Camps
  • Injury Prevention Videos
  • Complimentary eBook
  • Sports Medicine Support
  • Team Discounts on Supplements and More!
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Virtual Gait Analysis
$299Fast and injury free!
  • Analyze Movement from Head to Toe
  • Evaluate Gait and Running Form
  • Specific Core and Strength Exercises
  • Specific Flexibility and Mobility
  • Shoe or Orthotic Recommendations
  • Identify Potential Mechanisms of Injury
  • The Foundation of Smart Training
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