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Before and After Video: WOW! Watch This Triathlete Run Now!

WOW!!! Take a look at this great before and after video!

Triathlete Rich Markowitz came to us for a gait analysis. Among a myriad of things, he learned that improvements to his posture would help him become a more injury resistant and efficient athlete. He did the work, and the changes are remarkable!

Not only is Rich's efficiency and economy much better in his running, but the changes he made are also protecting the long-term health of his back, neck, and cervical spine. As athletes, it's natural that we focus on issues relating to performance, endurance, and speed. But making the kinds of changes Rich has will also benefit his overall well being now and through the years. That's no small thing.

We are always pleased to give a shout out to our amazing athletes who commit to the program and see it through. Great job, Rich! We can't wait to see how you rock the 2012 season!