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Are you helping or hurting your chance for a great race with your pre-race meal?

I've seen it happen so often over the years - you've trained hard for weeks and months, doing everything you can to be ready to have a great race. And then your stomach goes south - at the worst possible time during the race.  It sucks when that happens. There's nothing more frustrating.

Gastrointestinal intestinal (GI) distress has ruined more than a few race days for some otherwise very fit, very prepared athletes. Unfortunately, it doesn't matter how fit you are...if you are having GI issues, you know? You can't race to the max if you're sick, nauseous, or vomiting.

The first step in fixing problems is to accept that most races are, first and foremost, "eating and drinking contests."

It matters what you eat before a race...

I shot a 10-minute video (with a somewhat gross demo - sorry!) to discuss what I see is perhaps the most common mistake a triathlete or runner can make with their pre-race meal. Click on my picture to the left to check it out.

What are some of the important take home messages?

* Eat your pre-race meal at least 3 hours before race start.
* Make sure you eat simple, easily digestible foods which you've practiced eating prior to training sessions.
* Avoid taking in any calories between the meal and the start of the race. (Do continue to hydrate).
* Less is more - be kind to your stomach.

If you're racing this weekend, good luck and have fun! (And eat early and light!) 🙂

    Train (and eat) smart!

    To your success,

    024: Race Day Nutrition: Plan A Fueling Strategy NOW (Podcast)



    Hi Everyone!

    race day nutritionA little early in the year to talk race day nutrition? We don't think so.  The time to begin planning a fueling strategy is NOW, and in this podcast we review the many facets of how and why.

    We walk you through the following:

        • Is there a perfect recipe for training and racing nutrition?
        • Which fueling products are best?
        • Can gut dysbiosis have an impact on general nutrition and/or race day results?
        • How many calories per hour?
        • Liquids vs. solids?
        • Impact of intensity and temperature?
        • What are some guidelines athletes can use in developing a fueling strategy?


    We also talk about the essential importance of teaching your body to burn fat as a primary source of fuel. This is a fundamentally important baseline to establish, and we review specific strategies to make this happen that stretch right into your daily nutrition.

    We love to talk this stuff! Questions? Fire them up!

    Coach Al and Kurt

    As a thank you for listening, if you would like to go deeper into this topic, you can sign up below for our webinar "Smart Training and Racing Nutrition." It fleshes out in depth all the topics we cover in the podcast. Enjoy!