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Zach Hurd, Oakland Raiders Offensive Lineman, Talks About Training with Pursuit Athletic Performance

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Zach Hurd, Offensive Lineman, Raiders Training Camp, 2012

We have had the distinct pleasure of working with Zach Hurd, local guy who just happens to be an offensive lineman with the Oakland Raiders. Not only is Zach one of the best people we know, but he is also one of the hardest working, most dedicated, and smartest athletes you will ever meet.

Zach took the time to talk with us and explain how our training helped him break into the ranks of the NFL. The fantastic full interview is below. Zach can teach all athletes a thing or three. Here are a few nuggets from our conversation explaining the benefits he derived from our work together:

  • Training with Pursuit is different than the traditional program of "lift weights and run." Our program taught Zach how to tie all the systems together and understand that true strength and fitness is about more than just getting bigger in the weight room. Zach is proof positive that being rock-solid stable is powerful stuff that pays big dividends. He also talks about how our work together has decreased his risk of injury even in the face of the rigor and the challenges of the NFL.
  • He says, "Last season, when I went to the Raiders for my tryout they asked me to do a couple of drills. I tied in what you guys taught me--lats, cross, down to the butt, keep that core tight--and the coaches definitely saw that stability in my pass protection. That's why they picked me up, and why I was there all [last] season. It's definitely a big reason why they signed me to a new contract."
  • Asked if Pursuit is for only elite level athletes, Zach replied it didn't matter if you were a child or a grandmother. He said our program will help anyone who wants to take their fitness "to the next level" and remain healthy-- "If you want to make sure your body is here for the long term, then you definitely want to come in."

Zach is at the first day of the 2012 Raiders training camp today. To know that we had a hand in his ability to reach the highest ranks of performance in professional football is incredibly gratifying and humbling.

Thank you, Zach, for not only taking the time to talk to us, but for taking the time to learn and put into practice movement and strength principles that will serve you well throughout your career and beyond. We hope your words will inspire any number of athletes to learn the truth about training correctly, and how one's ultimate performance can, in fact, be unleashed when you do the right work.

Coach Al and Raiders Lineman Zach Hurd Teach You How to Train Stability Isometrically

Hello Everyone!

Pursuit Athletic Performance Client Zach Hurd signs with Oakland RaidersWe have a special treat for you today! One of our clients is Oakland Raiders Offensive Lineman, Zach Hurd. GREAT guy and a GREAT athlete!

Zach helped me out with this follow-up to our blog post, Why Being Stable Is SO Important, And Tips to Train It. In that video I talk you through why being a STABLE, as well as a strong, athlete is so important. Today, Zach and I show you an exercise that is very effective in helping to train stability in an isometric fashion.

Take the time to learn why stability is so important for you as an athlete, whether you are in the NFL or a 5K specialist. Here is another of our posts on the topic that will be helpful for you to read--What You Don't Know About the Core Can Hurt You. Stability really is the fundamental basis for your ultimate performance potential no matter your sport. All your hopes, dreams, and goals for training and racing rely on a stable core.

Work this exercise into your routine. If an NFL Lineman is doing it, shouldn't you be too?

Happy training!

Coach Al

Oakland Raiders Offensive Lineman Zach Hurd Returns To Train With Pursuit Athletic Performance

Welcome back Zach!Pursuit Athletic Performance Client Zach Hurd signs with Oakland Raiders

Our client, Zach Hurd--an outstanding young man and exceptional athlete--recently signed with the Oakland Raiders! We were so pleased to hear from him through our Facebook page, and learn that he will soon be returning to work with us again, now that his season is over.

Said Zach, Can't wait to be back in town so we can get started training for the 2012 season. Had a great finish to this years season and I couldn't have done it without you guys. See you soon!

Zach did amazing work with us here at Pursuit Athletic Performance, and he is a GREAT guy to work with! An NFL offensive lineman, no doubt, has to be strong (now there's the understatement of the day). But he understands the power of becoming truly functionally strong and balanced in all the right ways to prepare his body for the rigors of professional football.

When Zach first joined the Raiders he told us, "I couldn't have had the best workout of my life with the Oakland Raiders if it wasn't for you guys helping me become more explosive and stay lower... With the same methodology, we train runners, triathletes, cyclists and other athletes--of all levels--to excel in their specific sport by helping them regain authentic movement and eliminate compensations, dysfunction, and imbalances. Zach unleashed his true potential, and you can too.

We look forward to helping Zach become an even more powerful, explosive, and agile professional NFL player!