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Valley Runners to Honor Newtown Victims on Saturday, December 22 at Group Run

Hello Everyone,

We thought this information was worth sharing, as Rebecca Stephenson, the Event Director of Kids Who Tri Succeed Triathlon is a good friend of ours. We'll present the information in her words.

Dear Coach,

Could you lease post for us that this weekend's Valley Runners' group run is going to be dedicated to the Newtown tragedy victims and their families. We are meeting at 9 a.m. this Saturday (12/22) at the bike path parking lot at the corner of New Britain and Oakridge Roads in Unionville, CT. Before the start of the run we are going to pray for the families of those who have been separated from a loved one by the Sandy Hook Elementary massacre.

This past August I had the privilege of meeting, Chase Kowalski, one of the little boys who was killed, and of chatting with his Dad, who was so proud of his son. The entire conversation was about how the boy had found TRIATHLONS on the internet and decided he wanted to do "lots of triathlons," starting with the one I organize for children. The Kids Who Tri Succeed triathlon, which he participated in so excitedly this year (winning the 4- to 6- year-old age group) was his first and last triathlon. Chase had also already run road races -

My heart bleeds for the families and over the fact that life as we know it ended so tragically for each of the victims. We are going to run in honor of each of the Newtown individuals who was murdered.

All runners are welcome to join us.

Rebecca Stephenson

Event Director

Kids Who Tri Succeed Triathlon

Certified USA Triathlon coach