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There is NO Tomorrow.


Today's post is important - I hope you can take a minute to read it. It's important for one simple reason - because as the subject line says, there is no tomorrow. 

Now that might sound extreme or fatalistic, but ya know (and as you'll learn as you read further), when it comes to setting goals, taking care of those "niggling" injuries (that seem to get worse as we get older), and being able to do the things that make us smile (like run!), I've learned that the only path that works long term, is to take action like there is NO tomorrow.

Now... before I tell you what kind of action I recommend you take, let me share a quick story with you...

That's me with Life Breath owner, Linda Jaros, and our friend (and coached athlete) Kristin Wilkes-White.

Last week I traveled up to the great state of Rhode Island to perform a series on 1 on 1 movement assessments at the Life Breath Wellness Center and Studio, with an absolutely awesome group of people, most of whom are just like you.

They are all hard working athletes who are unfortunately dealing with a variety of nagging injuries and the resultant pain and dysfunction. They all simply wanted to know what they need to do to feel better so they can go live life and enjoy it on THEIR terms!

I don't think that's unreasonable, yet it is a situation so many athletes find themselves in.  Can you relate at all?

When it comes to protecting and healing your body and making sure you can run (or hike, bike, or anything else) for as long as you would like (how about for as long as you live), there is no tomorrow.

The ONLY path for anyone who wants to be proactive and make sure they are doing all they can to age gracefully and get rid of chronic injury once and for all, is to get to the heart of how they're "moving" and determine definitively where they're unstable, weak, imbalanced, or asymmetrical. 

So, because I want to help YOU, for a very limited time only (5 days-this opportunity is gone at the end of the day on Monday!) and for a limited number of athletes (only 5), I am offering YOU a solution!

That solution is our unique Pursuit Athletic Performance Virtual Gait Analysis at 20% off the normal price of $299.00. That's right, 20% off!

4 days only; 5 athletes only. Will one of them be you?


The Virtual Gait Analysis Is For You IF:

  • You're tired of nagging pain and you're frustrated that you can't run as you'd like to.
  • You want answers NOW on what to do to finally resolve the issue forever.
  • You aren't lazy, and are willing to do the work that is required, once you know WHAT to do and HOW to do it.
  • You love life and want to keep running for as long as you're alive!
  • You're a nice person.

The Virtual Gait Analysis Is NOT For You IF:

  • You don't think you need any help determining the cause of the injury. You know it all and might even have the certification to prove it! 🙂
  • You a) got advice from a running friend, or b) now have a foam roller you can use, or c) believe running with pain is the price you have to pay to be "good."
  • You believe with a little rest, you'll be good to go.
  • You believe the answer is to run more miles!
  • You're not a nice person.


How Does Our Virtual Gait Analysis Work?

  1. Go HERE and hit the "Get A Virtual Gait Analysis" Button. During check out, USE THIS COUPON: VGASAVE20 to get 20% off of the normal $299.00 price, but ONLY if you act immediately because it goes away after 5 have been purchased! Coupon code: VGASAVE20
  2. After you complete the purchase, you'll receive an instant downloadable PDF with detailed instructions on every single step you need to take, which includes submitting pictures and video to us. It is an easy-to-follow process that works!
  3. I'll be in contact with you to help you through every step of the process of submitting what we need to conduct the analysis, should you need us.
  4. I'll take all of the information provided and conduct the analysis.
  5. When I'm done (normally about 4-5 days from the time you have submitted ALL of the information to us), we set up a SKYPE video call with you at a mutually convenient time, where we review everything we learned with you. At that time we will answer any questions you may have. Also included is a complete VGA report that includes a detailed, individualized exercise prescription for addressing YOUR specific issues, as well as all supporting pictures and documentation.
  6. And then, because you NEED TO KNOW what to do to fix your issue (and how to do it!), we will give you instant access to our website and all of the instructional videos and documents.

You'll know WHAT to do, HOW to do it, and will be able to contact me directly should you have any questions along the way!

It's time to stop the insanity.

I want to help YOU! However, I can only help if you take action NOW!

You ARE worth the time, expense and effort. Let me help you return to the healthy, vibrant, happy runner you want to be!

To Your Success!
~Coach Al

PS: Still doubt it works? Why not speak with any other athlete who has gone through it. Send me an email ( and I'll give you contact information so you may find out for yourself.  Or, jump on to our Pursuit Athletic Performance Facebook page and ask for input.

PSS: Remember, for 5 days ONLY and for 5 runners ONLY! 20% off!! No exceptions! Act now! This is gone by the start of next week!