RESTORE: The Hips Program-Stability and Strength and RESTORE: The Legs Program


RESTORE The Hips Program-Stability and Strength: If you’re seeking a stable and strong set of hips that will protect your low-back, power your running and biking and any other sport you choose to engage in, AND make you look a lot better in a bathing suit, then you’ve come to the right place. This program is a powerhouse of a program that includes complete guidance on how to assess stability, and then how to train it. And finally, how to develop the kind of glute strength that will make you the envy of every friend and athlete you know!

Included in the program are detailed instructional videos that truly TEACH, not just demonstrate – a complete and detailed 9-week training plan, secrets and keys to truly getting stronger, and a complete set of FOLLOW-ALONG training videos for every exercise, circuit, or workout in the program!

RESTORE The Legs Program: Without mobile, intrinsically strong feet, strong calves, and powerful quads and hamstrings, lackluster performances, or worse, chronic injuries, are sure to haunt any athlete, especially a runner. RESTORE: The Legs Program delivers by offering a complete program addressing every aspect of foot and leg health, mobility and strength.

From in-depth barefoot proprioception and balance drills, toe mobility, and cutting edge self-myofascial release techniques, to the latest in hamstring pre-habilitation training, to the most progressive and powerful single-leg squat program imaginable, and more – this unique and powerful program will SOLVE your leg training challenges and help you take your training to the next level!



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