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Pursuit Athletic Performance Functional Wellbeing Coach, Olivia Syptak

Pursuit Athletic Performance Functional Wellbeing Coach, Olivia Syptak

Functional Wellbeing Coaching

We at Pursuit Athletic Performance focus on developing solid movement patterns as the foundation for strength, durability, and outstanding performance on the race course. The Functional Wellbeing program takes these fundamentals beyond the physical body, beyond the race course and into your WHOLE LIFE!

Whether you have specific goals in your professional, racing, or personal life, or a just a desire for growth and positive change, Coach Olivia Syptak is your partner in leveraging your strengths and in challenging your perceived limitations, fears, and sabotages to enable you to be who and what you are meant to be.

Through personal coaching with Olivia you will:

  • ALIGN your goals with a personal vision for excellence
  • ESTABLISH a foundation of wellbeing for durability and longevity
  • IDENTIFY your inherent strengths
  • DEFINE successful habits
  • DEVELOP and execute action plans
  • CREATE opportunities for fulfillment
  • BE accountable for making change
  • LIVE with energy and meaning
  • …REALIZE your ultimate potential

Personal coaching is driven by YOUR desire for achievement and growth, for balance and performance, and the process of experiencing life in the fullest manner possible. It is about forward movement AND optimizing your “being” today.

About Coach Olivia

Olivia Syptak (M.Ed, MBA) coaches with a unique foundation of experience in education, the Fortune 500 arena, and endurance sports. Having successfully succeeded in life, career, and wellness transitions of her own, and having done her own work to set, strive for, and meet professional, athletic, and personal goals, Olivia partners with clients to define and flourish in their own life’s mission.

Olivia masterfully guides clients to discover and leverage their natural strengths to successfully navigate challenges and opportunities, develop competencies and strategies leading personal satisfaction, professional achievement, and optimal athletic performance.

Olivia believes that the power of heart and spirit, and mind and brain, can be combined with our physical energy and harnessed and directed to make life incredible! She knows, however, that turning the possible into reality requires thoughtful tactics channeled toward well-defined goals; that actions have to be well organized and timed correctly; and little victories on the road to success must be celebrated!

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