Pursuit Athletic Performance

Athlete Bill of Rights

You have the right to:

  • Experience consistent breakthroughs in endurance, speed and athletic prowess.
  • Train without injury
  • Believe that training should be for the betterment of your body and not at the expense of your body.
  • Learn the truths that will change your life and your athletic performance for the better.
  • Understand that the key to realizing your goals and dreams on the race course is to first develop balance, stability and strength from the inside-out.
  • Employ trainers and coaches who energetically, holistically, and honestly help you to unlock your ultimate potential, and release the fastest, most powerful athlete in YOU.
  • The support and camaraderie of like-minded teammates.
  • Expect great things of yourself!

At Pursuit Athletic Performance, we uphold your rights as an athlete, and we are honor bound to provide scientifically-based, ground-breaking sport and movement training to bring you to your highest level of performance and health.


  1. We believe in upending the conventional training paradigm.

  2. We believe that every day athletes are being sold a harmful bill of training goods and that it must stop.

  3. We believe training should be based in science.

  4. We believe that the enlightened athlete is ultimately the best athlete.

  5. We believe training must keep its promise and make you healthier, more durable, resilient and faster!

  6. We believe every day can be a good training day.

  7. We believe results begin on the inside.

  8. We believe in helping you to achieve your dreams in training and on the race course.