023: Dr. Diane Hindman, PhD On Fitness Facts and Fallacies — Training, Weight Loss, Diet, Supplements, and More (Podcast)



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Dr. Diane Hindman, PhD

Dr. Diane Hindman, PhD

I had a GREAT podcast session with inspirational speaker and spiritual entrepreneur Dr. Diane Hindman, PhD.

On all things involving natural health, wellness, green living, nutrition, and fitness, Diane knows her stuff -- to say the least. She holds a PhD in Exercise Physiology and has more than 15 years of clinical experience in exercise, nutrition and healthy lifestyles. She is a professional speaker, the founder of Dr. Diane Speaks, the author of an audio CD entitled "Dreaming Your Ideal Life Into Being," and a life coach. Her life's work focuses on helping people understand and use professional, spiritual, and healthy, natural living tools to achieve their personal goals. She has been published peer-reviewed journals such as Journal of Applied Physiology, Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, and Journal of Gerontology. You can find her website here.

Dr. Di  is also the co-publisher of the popular Natural Nutmeg Magazine, Connecticut’s resource for health and environmentally conscious readers who desire a holistic, natural lifestyle.

We're lucky to have her on this podcast, am I right?!

What we do everyday at Pursuit Athletic Performance is help reeducate athletes as to what truly works in training, the importance of functional strength, and the central role of clean nutrition. We found a kindred spirit in Dr. Diane who helps us clear the haze, talk fact, and sort through fallacy on wide-ranging topics.

Here's what we cover....

  • Why steady-state cardio is not the most effective form of exercise for weight loss/fat loss?
  •   Dr. Diane is a proponent of the Minimum Effective Dose -- what does that mean?
  •  As an exercise physiologist who is constantly focused on exercise research, Dr. Di struggled to come to the understanding that weight loss is 90% diet/nutrition/lifestyle and 10% exercise. We dive in.
  • What are the top five things most people do wrong when making New Year's Resolutions?
  • Exercise programs recommendations
  • Healthy eating -- does that mean Paleo, Low Carb, Low Fat, Blood Type, etc.?
  • Dr. Diane's favorite supplements for endurance athletes

Lot's of incredibly good stuff here!

Huge thanks to Dr. Diane for taking the time to do this podcast with us. Terrific stuff for all out athletes and listeners!

Dr. Kurt Strecker

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