BELIEVE, and then TAKE ACTION and make it happen!

"Our greatest fear is not that we are powerless. Our greatest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure."

Marianne Williamson


Coach Al LymanOne of my many roles as “coach” is to help the athletes I coach learn to understand and accept that the only limits that they have are those that THEY place upon themselves. That’s a pretty frightening thought actually, because it essentially means the POWER to achieve success and happiness lies within us and is our responsibility alone.

While I am a fan of the book and movie, “The Secret,” you and I both know that "wishing" that you can do something, such as race to a new marathon or 5K personal record or finish an Ironman, will not, by itself, get it done. Yet at the same time, doubting that you have what it takes or believing you cannot do it, will most certainly prevent you from ever making it happen.

The choice of what to believe is clear. Believe that you can, believe that you will, and you are well on your way to making it happen!

The question I often ask is, "what do you truly believe you can do?"

Believe it or not, the difference between impossible and accomplished is largely a matter of belief. A world of things that were once considered impossible are now so common we take them for granted. Each one of those things became reality because someone believed it could happen. Everyday I speak with athletes who have achieved more than they ever thought possible because, at some point, they decided to believe in themselves. Then they did the work.

On the flip side, you all know that doubt in yourself is very easy to maintain.. The more we allow doubts to ‘take hold’ in our mind, the more they grow. Today, I challenge each of you to see how many of your doubts you can replace with positive and compelling beliefs! Take some concrete action toward this end!

Belief in oneself is of little use unless it is acted upon. By the same token, the most powerful actions and efforts are of little positive use unless there is some real, focused BELIEF behind them.

Positive thoughts, self-confidence, and then consistent action work best when it all “works” together. Confidence gives direction and focus to actions, while actions serve to manifest the beliefs into reality. Make sense?

 Here's your goal for today:
Put some real energy into believing and dreaming of achieving more than you ever thought possible. Then put your daily energy into making it happen through positive and consistent action. You have a brain and you have a body, so use them both together for positive, productive results.

Remember, every moment of every day, your beliefs guide your actions. Believe that you can, believe that you will, and your reality will follow along to new heights of success!

That’s it for now…

All the best,

- Coach Al

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