022: Coach Al Demystefies Heart Rate Training (Podcast)



heart-rate-monitor-547x421In this podcast, Coach Al demystifies heart rate training.  He answers some common questions, talks about ways to calculate max HR, explains heart rate as a reflection of work (but not a measure of work), and describes the most effective ways and best applications to use heart rate in training.

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  1. Hi guys-

    I’m trying to decide whether to join (I have my 3rd IM this summer, IMMT…need to make a decision soon!) I thought Id watch your podcast to help me get a feel. Is there video only for current members? Im getting the audio fine but thats all.

    Also…too late to get the Detox materials to start with you all, if I join? Any problem doing the Detox at this point, while I start to train for Boston? Never done one, so not sure on timing.

    Thanks for your advice!


    • Hi Deb,

      Thank you for your note, and my apologies for our late reply. I somehow missed your comment. Sincere apologies!

      The podcast is audio only, not video. We do occasionally use video in our BLOG, but the podcast is audio only.

      As for the detox, obviously this most recent one is now nearly wrapped. We will be starting another soon however. Your choice to jump in on that one may or may not be an issue for your Boston preparation. It depends entirely on your diet right now; if you’ll be making lots of changes to adjust to the detox, then it could be very challenging.

      I hope that helps. Please contact us directly at info@pursuitathleticperformance.com for more information or questions, or simply give us a call.

      My best,

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