Yoga For Endurance Athletes With Ultrarunning Champion Debbie Livingston

Hello Everyone!

Coach Al here with Pursuit athlete and ultrarunner champion Debbie Livingston.

Debbie is fresh off her WIN at the Traprock 50K ultrarun on April 13!

Traprock organizers call the race a true "test of the runner’s fitness and mental stamina." Fitness and stamina? Yeah, Deb's got that! And her season is just going to get better. Huge congratulations to her!

Debbie is also a long-time, accomplished yoga instructor. In our post today, she talks about the benefits of yoga for endurance athletes. Yoga not only keeps her physical body in balance, but also helps Deb hone the mindfulness she needs when training for and competing in ultra-endurance events. At Pursuit Athletic Performance, we work on those same tenets with athletes every day:

Integration of mind and body

Balance in the body of muscular strength and length

For certain runners and triathletes ("certain athletes" being the caveat here), yoga can be is the perfect way to increase much needed mobility and flexibility.  Some key elements regarding yoga practice for runners and athletes include:

1. Those who tend to enjoy it the most, need it the least!

2. Those who "hate it" likely need it most!

What I mean is...for those of you who are already very mobile and flexible, yoga can lead you down a path where you end up improving—and in some cases, over doing—movement elements you already "own" to some degree. For those (like me) who aren't very flexible or mobile, the practice can be very helpful in improving on that limitation.

As is always the case, a good yoga class—where each person only goes to their limits and learns their body while focusing on their own unique limiters—is the ideal approach.

 In this video, Debbie demonstrates "Melting Heart." The pose is TREMENDOUS for flexibility and mobility of the mid- and Yogaupper back (lats) and thoracic spine. It feels great, especially if you're tight through this region. 

Get down on the floor and do some yoga! Aaaahhh..... 

More yoga videos with Debbie coming soon! Until great! 

Coach Al

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