008: Mailbag: MAP, Track Workouts, Low Back Pain (Podcast)




ThisReview our iTunes Podcast for a chance to win week, we're opening the mailbag and taking your questions. Here's what we discuss.

MAP—Master Amino Acid Pattern

An athlete wrote and asked, “I’ve heard a lot about MAP- Master Amino Acid Pattern and I know that a number of athletes are using it. What is it, and do you recommend it?"

We debrief you on what we know about MAP, what we think, and our recommendations on whether you should use it—or not.

Track Session Blues

“I do track sessions every week in my training. Sometimes I feel that my legs just don’t have it, but my breathing is fine. Other times it’s the complete opposite. What’s the deal with that?"

Coach goes into detail about the various factors at play in your body as you take on higher-intensity sessions like track workouts. He explains why some days you can run like the wind, when you should push through, and why, on other days, you should walk away.

Low-Back Pain

It's not uncommon for an athlete to visit our lab complaining of low-back pain. We talk you through how to deal with the issue. Mechanical low back pain is often rooted in short hip flexors, long hamstrings and an unstable core. Restore balance, and the discomfort often vanishes.

We hope you enjoy our podcasts and find them useful for your training and racing. Any questions? Hit us up in the comments, or on Facebook. Let us know of any topics you would like us to cover too.

Be great!

Coach Al and Kurt

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