Stuck In Injury or Poor Performance? Maybe You Need To Get Out of Your Own Way…

Hello Everyone!

confirmation biasA quick thought today on what it sometimes takes to make progress in life and sport...

It always amazes me how so many athletes, especially those who have had success in the past, allow their EGO to get in the way of forward progress. Why do we allow our own "confirmation bias" or our need to always be "right" to drag us down and keep us stuck in a place of injury, plateau, or worse?

Folks, if you can't get out of your own way long enough to leave behind the wishful thinking and see things (even for a brief moment) for how they REALLY are, then you know what? You will reap exactly what you sow. You will remain stuck in a place where injury or poor performance becomes your new normal.

If I've learned anything over the years, it is how important it remains to embrace humility. I have also learned that I NEED to get out of my own way and reach out to others with a beginner's mindset, so that I may move fully forward and reach my greatest personal potential! Not always easy, incredibly important and powerful. ~Coach Al

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