013: Off-Season Training: System Reboot to Prepare For Your Best Season EVER! (Podcast)



Off-Season TrainingCoach Al and Dr. Kurt Strecker here to encourage you to do a system reboot to prepare for your best racing ever!

How to do a full system reboot, you may ask?

Through specific, precise, and directed off-season training.

In this podcast we explain why the keys to your race results--and your ability to stay injury free-- may very well lie in your off season preparations.

Here are some important points about what the reboot entails, and a few things you need to do:

  • Let any injured tissues you have heal
  • Assess mobility, flexibility and movement quality
  • Address weaknesses
  • Train the nervous system and mindfully practice skills (hint: never take another bad swim stroke!)

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Helping YOU to Be GREAT!

Coach Al and Kurt

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