Master Your Endurance Nutrition Now! (Video)


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Coach Al and Dr. Strecker present a FANTASTIC Spreecast, Smart Training and Racing Nutrition, jam-packed with nutrition best practices for mastering your endurance nutrition. Tuning in is time well spent to help you master the essentials to eating right, fueling correctly, all while turning yourself into a fat-burning racing machine.

Here's What You Will Learn:

How To Optimize Your Daily Nutrition includes a deep discussion of fat burning and what it's all about.

How To Optimize Your Fueling dives into periodization of your nutrition (just like your training) and presents carbohydrate guidelines

"The Magic Four" explores necessary daily strategies and common pitfalls

How To Fueling During Training pulls it all together

Post your questions in the comments or hit us up on Facebook. Feel free to share the link with your training friends who might benefit from the information!

Enjoy! Learn! Be Great!

P.S. When you watch the full Spreecast, you will see a slide deck. If you would like to move it, here's how. Hover, and you will see "drag window here." Then move it where you would like on the screen. Under the broadcast window works

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