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Detox Dates: February 4-17, 2013
Order Your Detox Kit By January 28
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Dr. Kurt Strecker, CP, CCSP
Coach Al Lyman, CSCS, FMS, HKC

Designs For Health
Designs for Health is an outstanding brand that we have worked with for many years. A professional brand, it is offered exclusively to health care professionals and their patients through referral.

You can read about the Designs for Health philosophy and all of their products at their website.

How Can I Join the Detox?
We wanted to make the detox available to as many athletes as possible. If you are not on our triathlon training team, here is what we set up for you:

  • You can order securely through our store right on our Facebook page. Click here. Open this link in a browser, not a mobile device. Facebook does not open these apps on mobile from some frustrating reason.
  • We have developed a web page for the program that you can visit here for more information and to order.
  • On a mobile phone? Here's our mobile app link.
  • Or you can order right on our web site.

How Will You Guide Me:

Spreecast and Private Facebook Group
Once we receive your order, we will send you information about our detox Spreecast scheduled for Thursday, January 31 at 7 pm. We will answer all you questions and get some mojo flowing. Please like our Facebook page so we can include you in a private Facebook group. We will check in with the group daily to keep you on track for the 14 days.

Can You Offer a Discount?
Designs for Health does not allow discounts. They say, "As a true professional line of nutritional supplements, Designs for Health does not allow discounting its products."

Why Do the Detox Now?
Says Coach Al: Unless you're training for a race right now, there's absolutely no reason that I can think of, not to do this. Many of you are stuck on eating the same 8-10 different foods, every day. You need some change. Many of you could benefit from losing a bit of body fat, and now is the best time during the year to do that. Many of you would learn a ton about your own food tolerances and learn many other things too. Please get in on the Detox. You won't regret it.

Also, You Can Look Forward To:

  • Breaking out of your nutritional rut
  • Finding out which foods cause the most negative reactions
  • Learning to try new foods and discover some new favorites
  • Dropping a few unwanted pounds of fat without going hungry or starving yourself
  • Giving your motivation and discipline a little kick start, in preparation for the upcoming year
  • Watching energy levels skyrocket and learn just how certain foods really do have a 'stressful' affect on your body

Is This a Colon Cleanse?
This is NOT a colon cleanse or freaky fad thing. This is about eating good, wholesome, clean food and supplementing the liver with the raw materials it needs to "get caught up" in the housekeeping.

What Will I Eat?
You will be drinking two shakes per day as meal replacements. These are not some canned goo. You'll be making them fresh with ingredients like your favorite frozen berries, almond or coconut milk, maybe ginger or cinnamon with some pea protein and PaleoCleanse powder. They're delicious. (Good enough that Dr. Strecker's little kids drink them.)

Twice per day you'll be taking some AminoDetox capsules and plant-based digestive enzymes also in capsule form.

Your third meal will be something like wild salmon, buffalo burger, free-range chicken or turkey plus veggies. You will snack on almonds, pistachios, avocado, fruit, celery with almond butter... things like that. There is NO calorie restriction, so you won't be hungry.

What Will I Give Up?

  • Sugar and sweeteners
  • Gluten
  • Dairy
  • Processed crap
  • Fried foods
  • Alcohol
  • Caffeine
  • Peanuts

Outstanding Results
Says Dr. Strecker: I will also tell you, and some of you will think I'm flat lying here, that over the past few years I've ordered pre- and post-detox blood work on 7 people. (They did the 28-day version of the detox.) Five had elevated cholesterol. After the detox, four of them had normal cholesterol numbers with improved ratios. Here's the crazy part:Two of them dropped about 100 points off their LDL. I am not making this up. The first time I tested a person, I thought it was a mistake. All of those tested were male, between 30-45 years of age, and overweight. All lost between 7-12 pounds. Yes, blood lipid profiles typically improve with diminishing waist line, but I've not seen anything so dramatic.

How Bad Will It Be To Give Up Caffeine?
Triathlon Team Member Paul S who undertook the cleanse last year had this to say:

Regarding caffeine and the impact--I had for almost 30 years been a TWO POT a day coffee drinker, and also usually had 2-3 diet cokes in the afternoon. I can tell you that the headache for days 2-5 was hard. It is Doc that convinced me to stick it out. After five days it subsided and I noticed a total leveling, and "high" level of energy and consistency across the day without afternoon lulls. I did the 30-day detox and had such a change in my daily energy stayed high, that I stuck with many of the components.

I started drinking green tea only after the detox due to the antioxidants. While there is some caffeine (although an order of magnitude less per cup), the energy swings did not come back. I have had only 3 Diet Cokes since August 2nd and don't even like the taste any more. While I have had an occasional cup of decaf coffee (as I missed the taste), I have not had more than 1 cup a day. Over the holidays I also let slip in a cup occasionally and since new years have been doing a cup of half-caff once a day too. I am doing this detox to get all the way back off coffee.

The truth is, you can do it. And you'll have a group of people right along side you in the group providing support and motivation every step of the way.

Can I Train?
Yes, unless you are deep into Ironman-type training, you can continue your normal regimen. A number of our athletes report high energy levels and PRs during the cleanse period.

This is a good thing to do for yourself! Join us!

Dr. Kurt Strecker and Coach Al Lyman

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