Detox : : Clean, Lean, and FAST in 2013!




14-Day Program, March 4 - 17
Coach-Led by Dr. Kurt Strecker and Coach Al Lyman
(Order Kit by February 26)

Hello Everyone!

The detox is back by popular demand! The results of our February 14-day coach-led program was a resounding success! We've been getting a ton of requests to repeat the program, so here you go.

This is it! ONE MORE CHANCE to put that nutrition piece in place before the racing begins. Want in? Scroll down to the end of this post and you can order your detox kit right here. (Order by February 26 to insure delivery by the start date in the lower 48.)

The detox kit we use is by "Science First" Designs for Health (DFH). DFH offers superior natural products available only through medical practitioners, which is why you can get it from us. This is not a colon cleanse or a weird fad. It is based overall on real food. It is designed to restore balance, allowing your body to catch up on "housekeeping." You will also learn a ton about your relationship with food, as well as which foods work in YOUR unique physiology, and which do not.

What can you expect from the detox experience?

o Get Energized

o Stop Eating The Junk

o Lose Some Weight

o Break Bad Eating Habits

o Get Your Eating Mindset in Place for the Best Year Yet! (See my video above for more about that!)

Take a look below at some of the great testimonials we received from athletes in the February group.

Just how will we guide you?

o Pre-detox, we will offer a live Spreecast on Thursday, February 28 at 7 pm (EST) to answer questions, and get some mojo flowing!

o We'll all start together on Monday, March 4.

o You will be invited to join a private Facebook group where we will check in daily to offer support and information.

o Download our Pursuit Detox document for additional information, Q&A, testimonials, and motivation.

We hope you'll join us on what is likely to be the last detox we offer before the racing season gets underway! DO IT!

Be great!

Dr. Kurt Strecker

A Few (of many) Testimonials:

I HIGHLY recommend this. I am finishing my 14 day challenge and it has been such a great learning experience! I always felt that I ate healthy and clean but realized I had those "hidden" calories out there. I FEEL WAY better. For an Ironman athlete, I don't care to lose weight...but my workouts have been awesome. I feel like I am running like a gazelle and lifting like a machine. I plan to do this detox biyearly. Sign up today!!! -Jen R

I realized how truly out of major whack my diet was. I consider myself an informed consumer and, as a long-time triathlete, generally, a healthy eater. By shining the light of the detox on what I was really eating and putting into my body, I had to come to terms with the fact that I was way off base. I was living in a constant high-glycemic state, eating WAY too many inflammatory foods, and being weighed down by it all. My workouts have a sprightliness and a spark that has been missing for a long time now. I am sleeping SO well. My energy is even a high from morning till evening. I can't believe how much changed in two short weeks. I am not letting this go! Bring on 2013! --Linda P.

This has been great. The best part of the PAP detox has been breaking habits and grooving new grooves. Plan to cut way back on sugar and high glycemic stuff . Down 5 pounds in two weeks. Thanks to this group--and particularly to Doc and Coach. -Peter B

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