Coach Al: Surviving the Winter Training Doldrums

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Coach Al Lyman, Pursuit Athletic Performance, Gait Analysis and Functional Strength Training Expert

Coach Al Lyman, CSCS, FMS, HKS

I spoke with a triathlete recently who was experiencing a loss of motivation--the winter training doldrums. I know for sure she is not alone, so I want to take a few moments to express my perspective on this common phenomenon.

When you find yourself in a bit of a training funk...first and kind to yourself! Seriously, so much of the time we, as type-A, goal-oriented athletes, get down on ourselves when we have these little funks. Most of the time we forget that it's actually very NORMAL for motivation ebb and flow. My advice is, don't get down. Instead, simply acknowledge where you are at at this moment in time, smile, and recommit to trying again. When you accept that its normal to feel a little unmotivated at times, a paradox kicks in--the acceptance begins to fan the flames of a mindset of success and motivation.

Next, with every new day, focus on small successes...take it one step at a time. "Baby steps" really work. Break your workouts down into smaller pieces. Even a little bit of productive training is better than nothing at all. So take that ONE STEP, and keep going. Build on that success, and feel good about every little success you have!

Every single athlete I know, from the novice to world champions goes, through the doldrums. We are creatures of habit. To quote Newton's Law of Motion, "a body in motion stays in motion, a body at rest stays at rest." Strive to get a little "motion" into your daily routine. And please remember, it is cold and dark in January in many places. That can surely sap the training soul. Warmer weather, good times, and better days where motivation is easier, are right ahead of you!

Keep smiling...take baby steps if you need to...make every day the best you can. Rock on.

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