019: Core Stability: It’s Not About A Muscle (Podcast)


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When we start talking about core stability, let's start with this....

It’s not about a muscle.

side plankCoach Al and I recently discussed an article where the author had examined a large body of research and claimed to have elucidated the most important exercises for “core training” in runners. The studies looked at the multifidi and transversus abdominis using electromyography (EMG), which measures muscle activity. With this information the author concluded that dead lifts and back squats are the best core exercises for runners.

The trouble is, core stability is not about a muscle. Body parts do not function in isolation. You are a person, an entire human being. You are not a knee or a hip or an ankle. You are not a bicep or a tricep or a quad. Your movement is orchestrated by an amazing brain and nervous system. The whole is most definitely greater than the sum of the parts. To judge the efficacy of a core exercise by the activity of a muscle or two is completely ludicrous! EMG measures muscle activity, not core stability. Stability is a skill, it is well-orchestrated motor control. Assuming otherwise is a huge mistake.

Take, for example, a rowing team. Nine athletes in a long skinny boat with oars. Eight of those athletes row while the ninth steers and directs the activity. All of the guys with oars are strong and fit and capable of producing a great deal of force, but unless they work as a team in synchronicity they don’t move at all. Core stability is no different, folks.

Here's what you need to know about the core, how to train it and work that stability! Enjoy!

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