017: 70x Ironman With 30 Straight in Kona: Ken Glah (Podcast)



Hi Everyone!

Ken Glah

70x Ironman Finisher with 30 Straight Kona's, Ken Glah. He also the owner of Endurance Sports Travel.

In the sport of triathlon, the name Ken Glah is synonymous with class and endurance. A humble guy from eastern Pennsylvania who has mixed it up with the best in the world on the race course, he's competed in more than 70 Ironman races and finished his 30th Kona in a row this past October. An extraordinary achievement!

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Ken for this podcast in which he shares his insights and tips on:

  • What he has learned in 30 years of training, traveling, and racing in the sport
  • How he has been able to essentially remain injury free, despite very high training volume
  • How he feels athletes should train to maximize their chances for success in Ironman racing
  • What his favorite race destinations are and why

Ken also talks about his unique business, Endurance Sports Travel, which is, essentially, a concierge service for the traveling long course triathlete looking for top notch service and support. He explains many of the unique services he offers, and how he might help you enjoy your race travel more and with less stress.

Few athletes and business owners have a better handle on how to maximize success in our sport. We hope you enjoy our talk. Thanks Ken!

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