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Hello Everyone!

Every triathlete knows the importance of the aero position on the bike, and all the free speed it can bring. In our opinion, no one sets up that bike fit more expertly than Todd Kenyon of TTBikeFit.

We are very pleased to have Todd on our podcast this week. It's the perfect time of year to learn more about the importance of bike fit--and to get proactive about checking out the efficiency of your own set up. It's a great discussion with lots to learn.

In the podcast we cover:

•    The importance of bike fit for performance, comfort, lower risk of injury, and improved run performance

•    Comparisons of various bike fit “systems.” Good fit advice, and getting set up correctly on your bike has much less to do with the “system,” and much more to do with the expertise, knowledge, and skill of the person actually doing the fit.

•    How to choose or select someone to do your bike fitting?  This is a critically important choice, as the results critically impact your training and racing.

•    The important steps of a bike fit process?

•   How we at Pursuit and TTBikeFit mirror many synergies in our approach to working with athletes. Our focus on movement quality first as a baseline of a smart training progression aligns quite neatly with the smart “fit” progression Todd employs.

Finally, on a separate topic, we had to get into what it's like to wear the “husband” and bike tech hat while traveling to Kona with your wife who just happens to be a 4x Age Group Ironman World Champion (and one of our all-time favorite athletes and people on the planet), Lisbeth Kenyon. And here they are working on her bike fit in the photo below. 🙂 You can read Lisbeth's 2014 Kona race report here, and listen to her unique perspective about Kona here.

Enjoy! Hit us up with questions in the comment section or on Facebook.

Helping YOU Be Great!

Coach Al

TTBikeFit Lab

Todd Kenyon and wife, Lisbeth Kenyon, at the TTBikeFit Lab.

We hope you enjoy our podcasts and find them useful for your training and racing. Any questions? Hit us up in the comments, or on Facebook. Let us know of any topics you would like us to cover too.

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