002: How To Pick The Best Running Shoe for YOU (Podcast)

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This little piggie...HURTS!!!! The agony of the feet. We hear it all the time.

NO ONE knows feet like our own Dr. Kurt Strecker. In this podcast, Kurt dissects WHY the right running shoe matters greatly, and HOW to pick the one that's right for you.

He says:
Wearing the correct running shoes is very important, particularly for endurance athletes, but many folks choose their shoes by color, look, and advertisements.  

The feet are where the rubber meets the road, quite literally, and the specific biomechanics of each individual foot impact the movements in the ankle, knee hip, pelvis and trunk above.  No two feet are alike. The correct shoes or shoe/orthotic combination can profoundly impact your ability to go fast and remain injury-free.

For triathletes and cyclists, the same mechanical principles apply to the foot/pedal interface on the bike and must also be properly addressed.

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Coach Al and Kurt

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