We’re At Multisport World Boston Triathlon Expo This Saturday!

Dr. Kurt Strecker and Coach Al Lyman, Pursuit Athletic Performance

Guided Movement Screens Multisport World Boston on March 31! Register in advance.

Attending Multisport World Boston on March 31? If you are, stop by our booth to say hello!

At the NYC event, we offered Guided Movement Screens, and they were a hit! We will be offering them again in Boston. This 15-minute screen will help you begin to discover what is impeding your performance--where you are leaking speed, or if you have hot-spot areas ripe for injury. It's only $25 for expo participants ($95 value). Slots went fast in New York, so secure your spot by registering here in advance.

Our very own Coach Al Lyman is presenting the seminar, TRIATHLON TRAINING IN THE 21ST CENTURY: MOVEMENT QUALITY FIRST! at 11 am. In the talk, Coach Al will cover why establishing a foundation of quality "authentic" movement with minimal compensation and dysfunction is essential for long term improvement, injury resistance, and overall health for every single triathlete. Special guest, Ironman World Champion record holder Lisbeth Kenyon will join Al to talk about her own movement issues, and how dealing with the challenges have impacted her training and racing.

Finally, you can also register at the booth to a free on-site or virtual online gait analysis package! As you can see there will be lots going on! We hope to see many of you on Saturday!

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