Musings from the Med Tent With Dr. Kurt Strecker: A (Metaphorical) Pebble in Your Shoe

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Dr. Kurt Strecker, Pursuit Athletic Performance

Dr. Kurt Strecker, DC, CCSP

Dr. Kurt Strecker checking in from the Med Tent again today with a few words about how physical movement is impacted and altered when you are injured--particularly when you are dealing with injury over a period of time. Here's some imagery I like to use to bring the point to life.

Have you ever gotten a pebble in your shoe? If you leave it there for a short time--no harm, no foul. If you ignore it during a five-mile road race, your foot will likely be sore for a few days, but no permanent damage will be done. IF, however, you leave the pebble in your shoe for months on end, you will learn to move differently to avoid the pain and discomfort.

Now, what happens if you take that pebble out after a few months? That's right, you will still move differently than you did before the rock was in your shoe. You will continue to have altered movement patterns that negatively affect the tissue around the site, as well as other areas of the body. Compensation and dysfunctional movement is exactly what you create when you are hurt, and it has big implications for your athletic performance, and ongoing risk of injury.

In the video below I go into a bit more detail about all of this, as well as why rehab--GOOD rehab--not only focuses on healing tissue, but works to restore authentic movement. Even subtle changes in how you move due to injury have profound effects on your body, your performance, and overall health.

Be well! Move Strong!

Dr. Kurt Strecker

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