Movement Quality vs. Sport-Specific Skills. What’s the Difference and Why Does It Matter?

Hi Everyone!

Coach Al here. Dr. Kurt Strecker and I had a great time last weekend at the Multisport World expo in New York City. Following the seminar I presented, I had a long conversation with a number of triathletes on the topic of movement quality vs. sport specific skills. What is the difference, they wanted to know? Or are they they really the same thing?

There was so much interest in the topic, I thought it would be useful to address the issue. There is no doubt that movement quality is the baseline and the foundation for sport-specific training. You can hear my additional thoughts in the short video below.

Kurt and I will also be at Multisport World Boston on March 31. We will offer our Guided Movement Screens at our booth. You can sign up in advance for a session here at the special expo price of only $25. At 11:30, I will present the seminar, Triathlon Training in the 21st Century: Movement Quality First! Looking forward to another great day of talking triathlon with fantastic, passionate athletes. Hope to see you there!

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