Gait Analysis Winners from Multisport World New York!

Dr. Kurt Strecker and Coach Al Lyman Conduct a Movement Screen

Another Chance to Win A Gait Analysis Package Coming Up at Multiport World Boston on March 31

At the Multisport World expo in New York City we offered a drawing for two gait analysis packages. CONGRATULATIONS to our prize winners!

First Prize: Janice Brown
Winner of a comprehensive, on-site GOLD Gait Analysis Package!

Second Prize: Julia Nomee
Winner of a comprehensive, online VIRTUAL Gait Analysis Package!

We look forward to working we these awesome athletes to uncover the weaknesses, compensations, and instabilities that are holding them back from training and racing to their true potential. The 2012 season just got a whole lot brighter for both of them!

Attending Multisport World Boston on March 31? We're offering the same gait analysis package drawings there! Be sure to stop by the booth to register.

In fact, we have a lot going on at the Boston venue. Begin to discover what is impeding your performance with our Guided Movement Screen. It's only $25 for expo participants ($95 value). Slots went fast in New York, so secure your spot by registering here in advance.

Also, Coach Al Lyman is presenting the seminar, TRIATHLON TRAINING IN THE 21ST CENTURY: MOVEMENT QUALITY FIRST! In this seminar, Coach Al will cover why establishing a foundation of quality "authentic" movement with minimal compensation and dysfunction is essential for long term improvement, injury resistance, and overall health for every single triathlete. He speaks at 11:30 am.

Congrats again to our winners! And we hope to see many of you in Boston!

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