Gait Analysis Now Offered At Fleet Feet Sports in West Hartford, CT!

Pursuit Athletic Performance (PAP) is bringing their clinical gait analysis and sports-Pursuit Athletic Performance Offering Gait Analysis at Fleet Feet Sportsmovement expertise to Fleet Feet Sports, 1003 Farmington Ave., West Hartford, CT.

Each Wednesday evening, Coach Al Lyman and Dr. Kurt Strecker will offer 90-minute personalized in-depth gait analysis and full-body functional muscle and joint examination for runners who register. Following the analysis, a customized report outlining an athlete's key limiters will be provided. An exercise prescription will also be developed to build strength and stability, as well as to remove compensations and dysfunctional movements that severely limit running performance. If required, experts from Select Physical Therapy and Fleet Feet store are also available will work with athletes to optimize performance.

More information and registration is available here. The cost for the 90-minute session is $295. As a special thank you, PAP will offer each runner who signs up a $50 Fleet Feet gift certificate to ensure each athlete has the correct shoes and gear.

Said Dr. Kurt Stecker, Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician, "The sporting world has been abuzz with news of 'functional movement analysis' and 'core conditioning'. The movement-based analysis and training we provide at Pursuit Athletic Performance is the same philosophy embraced by professional teams like the Atlanta Falcons and the Indianapolis Colts. Endurance athletes--like runners, cyclists and triathletes--are also discovering the immense benefits that come with training from a foundation of functional strength and stability."

"It makes no sense to build fitness on top of dysfunction," continued Coach Al Lyman. "Through our gait analysis and follow-up prescriptive training, you absolutely will run more efficiently, and you will get faster. PAP will help you unlock your full-potential, and your risk of injury will plummet."

Fleet Feet owner Stephanie Blozy discussed why they created the "Performance Corner," and entered into the partnership with PAP and Select Therapy. "As we designed the new store, we knew we needed a special space to offer a higher level of movement and injury analysis. We sought to partner with organizations that can bring cutting-edge analysis and performance improvement programs to the store. Pursuit Athletic Performance and Select Physical Therapy are the best practitioners out there." she said.

Pursuit Athletic Performance was founded by Coach Al Lyman, CSCS, FMS, HKC and Dr. Kurt Strecker, DC, CCSP. Their top-notch reputation in the industry attracts athletes from all over the US and Europe. Most recently, they have worked with elite endurance athletes like Lisbeth Kenyon, three-time Ironman Triathlon age-group World Champion and course record holder, and Debbie Livingston, ultra-distance champion, and winner of the Grindstone 100, the east coast's most difficult endurance trail run. They can also point to outstanding success with hundreds of age-group athletes at all levels of ability.

The Fleet Feet Sports "Performance Corner" is located at 1003 Farmington Ave.,
West Hartford, CT. 860.233.8077.

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