Coach Al Seminar: Triathlon Training for the 21st Century–Movement Quality First!

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Coach Al is not only a renowned movement expert, but also our poet warrior here at Pursuit Athletic Performance. He gave the talk, Triathlon Training for the 21st Century: Movement Quality First at the Boston multisport expo, and we are still receiving outstanding feedback and questions from athletes in attendance that day. We have put the talk together to share with all of you.

Triathlon Training for the 21st Century is Coach Al's "I Have a Dream" speech. His dream?

  • That every athlete, whether a triathlete, runner, cyclist, swimmer, gymnast--whatever the sport--will learn how quality movement patterns MUST be in place FIRST in order to unlock full potential.
  • That seven out of 10 runners won't be injured every year.
  • Finishing an Ironman triathlon will not mean creating major health problems like arthritis that last a lifetime.
  • Athletes learn to train in ways that not only create balance in the body, but balance in their lives. We don't have to give up our lives in order to achieve our athletic goals and dreams.
  • That athletes experience finish line euphoria every day of their lives by waking up without aches and pains, ready to train, race, and excel year in and year out.
  • That workouts you do for your health do not end up sacrificing your health.

These are just some of the deep and probing issues Coach Al explores in this talk. He also takes you inside the physiology of the "deep front line," an astounding view of the inextricable connectedness of our entire body from the lower extremity, through the torso, and up into the cervical region--the entire core--all of which is impacted by the breath. The deep front line plays a major role in unlocking our overall ability to move properly. There is a lot of learning here about what true athleticism entails.

We know you will learn a great deal when you watch this talk. We think you will be inspired. Our hope is will begin to extricate yourself from the false training messages that bombard us daily, and begin to see that true athleticism, true power and speed isn't hiding in a box of fancy running shoes. It's hiding deep within YOU. It's there ready waiting to be unleashed through "quality movement first."

Click on the photo above, or click here to access the seminar. Enjoy! And feel free to get back to us with thoughts and questions.

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