Coach Al: My Highest Functional Threshold Power Test in Four Years!

Coach Al Lyman, gait analysis and functional movement expert, Pursuit Athletic Performance

Coach Al Lyman, CSCS, FMS, HKC

Last night, after the indoor cycling class we host at our gait analysis lab, I decided that it was time for a little experiment...

Let me explain...

Many of you may read my post on "authentic" cycling that features a video with the incredible mountain bike trials rider, Martyn Ashton. The more I study and observe, the more I move toward a place where I feel there's less difference between running and cycling than we traditionally thought, or that many coaches still believe.

You also know that for the better part of the last three months, I have focused much more on running than on cycling, as I prepare for the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim to Rim Run.

More than simply focusing on truth, I haven't been on my bike ONCE in about three months. Not once. No easy spinning, no road rides, not even ANY mountain bike rides. I put all of my energy exclusively into GETTING STRONGER, and getting my running together.

So, no cycling for three months, and before that my only riding has been mountain biking--not exactly time trialing either. I sought out a lot of technical challenges, worked on balance, mobility, short power bursts, and had fun. But certainly no time trialing or road riding.

After the class I thought, "What will happen if I jump on the CompuTrainer and do an FTP test, after not riding for three months and focusing exclusively on running and strength training?


Curiosity got the best of me, so that's what I did. So you're now asking, what happened?

Well, what happened was THE BEST FTP test I've put down in the last FOUR YEARS!

Yes, I tested better today than at any time since 2008!

I am emphatic with athletes about what it takes to develop true speed and power:

  • Get stable and strong
  • Quality movement is universally important
  • Functional strength is king

But it still is PRETTY dang COOL when the reinforcement of what I have always known TO BE TRUE is reaffirmed for me personally. Very cool.

Yes, you still have to do the specific training if you want to maximize fitness in any one sport....but it is amazing to see that BALANCED STABILITY AND STRENGTH truly do RULE!

I am thrilled to say that we will be able to soon share the lessons and training of how to get truly faster and more powerful with a wider world of athletes when we launch our new online triathlon team. Details are coming, so stay tuned!

For now, it's back to running for me. The R2R2R is coming up on November 16!

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