Before and After Video: Triathlete Makes Dramatic Run Changes in Two Short Months!

We are pleased to show you another terrific example of what can happen when an athlete goes through our gait analysis and subsequently adheres to our follow-up strength training program. The triathlete presented in this video made DRAMATIC changes in his ability to run well in only TWO SHORT MONTHS!

This athlete first visited us in late December 2011. He presented poor quality movement and had much weakness, asymmetry, and compensation from years of training and simply living a modern lifestyle (lots of sitting while working hunched over a computer). He was put on our Level 1 Restoration and Foundation training, and he spent the next few months DOING THE WORK. This triathlete worked diligently on the program, and the results prove it.

In the after video you will see a much more stable pelvic girdle, much stronger hips, and glutes. He is leaking far less energy meaning faster performance and less chance of injury. This diligent client knows there is more work to be done, and that he needs to continue his progression to retain the gains he has made, and to get stronger still. But, if he continues on his current trajectory, he will see his performance take off, his durability greatly increase, and risk of injury lessen even more.

See for yourself!

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