Online Gait Analysis Now Available. What You Need to Know

Online gait analysis is now available with Pursuit Athletic Performance! We put our heads together to create an outstanding "virtual" analysis system for those of you who cannot make it to our Gait Lab. We've had many inquiries about this option, and a few questions have come up. Good communication is always key, so here are additional details for athletes interested in taking advantage of the online gait analysis option. We also have a video here if you prefer that format.

Is online analysis as good as coming to the lab in person?

As our clients will attest we are passionate about our work. We would not offer online gait analysis if we could not promise you an absolutely excellent result. Our standards are high in everything we do, and this is no exception.

Sure, we would love it if you could come and see us in the lab. Putting hands on someone and watching them move in person is the ideal scenario. If you can get here, please do. However, if that isn't possible, our "virtual" analysis system is a great alternative.

How does online gait analysis work?

The process is straightforward. When you purchase the online analysis package through our website, we will send you an instruction manual detailing everything we need to perform your analysis. In brief, you will provide a series of still photographs, as well as videos shot at various angles including while running on a treadmill. So, yes, another person is required to operate the camera.

What kinds of things do you examine?

We will probe your movement patterns in various ways. The still photographs allow us to see issues relating to your hip flexors and hamstrings, calves, and hips, to name a few.

The video segments give us dynamic views of your squatting and lunging mechanics. We will also examine your running form from various angles and at different speeds--both with and without shoes.

Will the photographs and video be difficult for me to do?

Not at all. Our instructions guide you every step of the way. Each view and angle we need is illustrated in the instruction manual. No guess work involved. Plus, we think you will find it interesting to understand what we look for during an analysis. It is the beginning of your understanding of how your body moves, and where compensation and dysfunction may exist.

What happens next?

You can send your photos and videos to us online. Clear instructions on how to upload your files are included in the manual. Or you can mail us a CD. Choose whatever is easiest for you. Then we perform our analysis.

Our report will detail specific findings and recommendations regarding YOUR movement patterns, and what you need to work on to become a more stable, powerful, and faster athlete. Also, included in the report are instructions for your first level of training.

Can you tell me more about the first-level of training?

The first level of training is included in the cost of the online gait analysis package. The training details specific strengthening exercises and/or flexibility training customized for YOU. The strength work is what we consider most valuable in order for you to return to a functionally-balanced, authentic state of being, centered around a neutral and stable pelvis. We give as much training as we feel is reasonable for the person to handle, and we ask them to "master" those before moving on to higher levels of training. The process when done correctly is gradual and progressive.

Is this first level of training typically enough?

That depends on the individual person and the amount of dysfunction and/or injury. Some people simply need to reestablish some balance, and are then are pretty much good to go (provided they keep an eye on those specific things we address, and handle them as needed). Other athletes need more work to return to being 100% healthy and ready to train in their sport of choice.

Consider this, however.... Running one mile is essentially equivalent to doing 1200-1500 one-leg squat jumps (depending upon stride rate). The amount of functional strength and balance required to be truly resilient and resist fatigue during the late stages of longer or harder races is huge!

If I need additional functional strength work, can we continue to work together after the first level of training?

Absolutely! If it were up to us, every athlete we see would follow through with gradually more progressive levels of training, well beyond the first round. And we are equipped and ready to help you do that.

Remember, what sets our training apart is that it is customized for YOU based on YOUR particular movement patterns and weaknesses. This is not generic training, but a scientifically-based customized plan. There is no guess work involved about what YOU should be doing. We can bring you to your absolute upper levels of strength and fitness, allowing you to unleash performance potential that has long been dormant, or has never been tapped.

Bottom line: The stronger and more balanced one is, the less the chance of injury, and the greater the performance potential.

All additional levels of training are at an additional cost, and can be purchased online from us. We also offer Skype sessions to help ensure you are doing the movements well and are achieving the benefit you need.

As a final note, we are with our athletes every step of the way! Communication is key, so be in touch with any questions or concerns. We love to hear from you!

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