100 Mile: I Just Want to Finish!

Training for an completing a 100 mile ultra-run is a huge challenge. You have arrived here, so you are ready to take the challenge on! While this may be your first attempt at a 100 mile ultra run, you should have completed shorter ultra runs in the past, including at least one 50miler or 100k.  For those ready to take on the challenge, this plan will provide you with all of the basic ingredients necessary for a successful finish, helping you to delicately balance training volume, intensity, and prudent recovery, that is the crux of successful ultra-marathoning. Of course, you will need to provide the will, determination, tenacity, and desire to succeed! This plan includes information on fueling, hydration, equipment, guidance for longer "back to back" sandwich runs, and other specific information to help you finish well.  To read more information about this plan, go here. To see a sample week from the plan, go here.

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