An Extra Word on Gait Analysis for Runners at Pursuit Athletic Performance

Building mileage for the sake of high mileage is a ruinous philosophy if high performance and injury resistance is a priority.

At Pursuit Athletic Performance, we focus on building good movement skills first, then we turn to speed and quickness. Over time, layering longer endurance-based sessions on top of a sound base of improved movement and speed is how to hit the big running payday.

When someone is moving well, and is balanced from the standpoint of mobility, stability, flexibility, and strength, that’s when running specific skills are put back into training to refine form and technique. There IS a skill component to running. But to practice those movements in a body that is unbalanced and compensating is a waste of time, and offers no benefit at all.

Why should running be any different than any other athletic activity?

It’s really not. Sure, it may not require the skills needed to hit a golf ball or to perfect a swim stroke, but there IS technique that can be learned. Through our comprehensive gait analysis system, we will help you put it all together in the most efficient and optimal way possible. We guarantee that, over time, your performance will soar, and your risk of injury will be greatly diminished.