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Gait analysis at Pursuit Athletic Performance (PAP) is simply the most comprehensive and technologically advanced evaluation system available today.

But how can it help you?

You’re a triathlete, runner, cyclist, swimmer, baseball or football player–you name it.

Repetitive training in sport often leads to flexibility imbalances and poor stability, as well as an impairment of functional strength.

For example, a cyclist’s quadriceps muscles are often very strong, while the stabilizers around the hips, pelvis and posterior core are weak. In runners, the hamstrings and low-back are often forced to handle more than their share of the work, while the hips and glutes become underdeveloped. Even though we’re using running and cycling as our examples, imbalances in the body can be created by improper movement in any sport. Long-term training can drive these imbalances to full-blown injury, loss of efficiency, and performance plateaus.

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Gait analysis and proper functional movement can revolutionize your athletic performance–and we get to the bottom of YOUR issues in the FAST LAB.

Put simply, gait is the way we move our body from point A to point B. Our unique system of Gait Analysis examines all aspects of, and the quality of that movement, assessing obvious weak links and asymmetries from the standpoints of:

  • muscle length
  • joint mobility
  • joint stability
  • motor control and coordination
  • appropriate muscle action
  • resiliency and resistance to fatigue and
  • functional strength

You might think you “run well,” and people say your golf swing “looks good.” You cycle century rides, and compete in triathlon. None of us, however, can objectively see what is happening internally to limit performance, or to set us up for injury.

Runners, for example, often think the first step to developing a strong and proper gait is to strive for things like a perfect forefoot landing or the proper lean. Sure, technique is important and demands skill, but that’s not where we begin.

Instead, effective, powerful form is achieved by returning to authentic movement–a place of strength, ease, stability, balance, and speed needed in any sport. Running fast and without fear of injury starts on the INSIDE, and manifests itself in how you look on the OUTSIDE.

The beauty is we all have it intrinsically. Through the unique PAP gait analysis system, we teach you how to reignite your body’s inherent abilities, reverse bad bio-mechanics and habits, and override compensatory movements.

The body often “compensates” for protective reasons. It happens all the time, but it’s hardly optimal for health or for training. Most people have erroneous ideas of how to attain proper movement. It takes more than “core work” and squats. In fact, depending on your personal movement patterns and motor control, those activities could be counterproductive, especially if done in a compensatory fashion.

Compensations, in a worst case scenario, will always put you at a much higher risk of injury. In a best case scenario–if there is such a thing with a body that compensates–those movements will, without question, limit performance potential.

The PAP gait analysis and functional movement assessment system provides a progressive and objective view of where your weak links, asymmetries, and other compensations exist.

We do this through three interconnected tests and examinations that make up our unique system:

  • Manual manipulation and static observation on a treatment table
  • The Functional Movement Screen
  • Video analysis on a treadmill using sophisticated gait analysis software

Then we put the pieces of the puzzle together.

Our expert clinical staff skillfully interprets your results, and crafts customized training plans for YOU. Your levels of mobility, stability, elasticity, functional strength, and flexibility are examined in the context of your personal movement patterns.

At PAP, we systematically attack YOUR weaknesses while enhancing YOUR strengths. We teach you a specific, precise way to progress that–over time–allows you train in a way that WILL unleash your ultimate potential.

It doesn’t matter if you are in the ranks of the novice or elite, or a front, middle or back-of-the-pack finisher.

You can be a runner, cyclist, swimmer, wrestler, equestrian, you name it. If you want to improve your performance, dexterity, and speed while enhancing your overall quality of life, we know we have the best program of its kind to help you meet your goals–and transcend beyond.

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